Yankees and Mets: A New York Baseball Love Story

Courtesy of usmagazine

Courtesy of usmagazine

This isn’t your normal blog dedicated to one of the two New York baseball teams. Usually, a blog will cover only the Yankees or only the Mets but it is rare that one blog would cover both. But I suppose I am not normal or usual. While I am a Yankee fan first and foremost, I do not have any deep-seeded hatred toward the Mets. Most fans of either team can’t say the same. But again, I am not your normal or usual sports fan; I also dabble in writing for the Arizona Diamondbacks which you can read here.

So why a blog dedicated to both the Yankees and the Mets? I love baseball.  I can’t get enough of it whether it’s listening to a game while making the kiddies dinner on a late Saturday afternoon or fighting sleep to watch the end of an A’s-Angels contest on a Friday night. So it’s only natural that being from New York I would have opinions on not only the Bronx team that I have loved since childhood but also the one from Queens. I have a lot of family and friends (starting with my sister) who are rabid Mets’ fans. I root for them as well. I never pull for them against the Yankees but I wouldn’t mind see an Amazins’ team win a World Series. Then again, they would have to go through the Diamondbacks, the team whom I cover on a semi-professional basis. That would be a tough call. There’s that abnormal and unusual side of me again.

Courtesy of bleacherreport

Courtesy of bleacherreport

The organizations are polar opposites. The Yankees are the greatest franchise in the history of professional sports with 27 World Series championships and name recognition all over the globe. The Mets have had more heartbreaks than titles and have endured organizational mishaps that cause much embarrassment to its fan base. Yet, it is because of those catastrophic losses and bumbling management that makes the Mets the more interesting team. The majority of folks that call into sports talk radio shows do so to vent about their team. The Mets have had plenty of irate callers over the years.  I’ll sum it up this way:

Yankees: Boring is beautiful

Mets: Chaos is catchy

How will this blog work? It will be a minimum of one post per week with alternating teams in the headlines. I won’t be providing game by game recaps but more of an overview on what I see of both teams. It won’t cover the action on the field all the time. I’ll come up with lists, famous names and sprinkle in some highlights when I get lazy. I hope this blog makes your day better, your outlook brighter or if so inclined, your feelings more miserable . Most of all, I hope each of you can pick up on how much I love the game of baseball and how much I love to write. If you want to vent or to compliment, please feel free to leave a comment.

Thanks for reading and I hope you will continue to come back for more.

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