Great New York Baseball Playoff Moments

It doesn’t take much effort to recall great playoff moments for the Yankees and the Mets. There is the Derek Jeter flip that we have seen replayed many times over the past month. Who could ever forget the Endy Chavez catch that ended up being a double play? However, both teams have had their share of October moments that aren’t as celebrated as their more famous ones. With that in mind, I present one great moment in each team’s playoff history that may go a little bit unnoticed.

Paul Lo Duca

I remember almost 30 year ago when Carlton Fisk tagged out both Dale Berra and Bobby Meacham at home plate on the same play. That was funny to watch even if you are or were a Yankee fan. Surprisingly, that seems to endure more in people’s minds than when Paul Lo Duca pulled off the same feat in Game 1 of the 2006 National League Division Series. In fact, you can argue this play is what catapulted the Mets into sweeping the the Dodgers. We all know that the 2006 team should have won it all but they did leave with a couple of memorable moments from those playoffs. There is the Chavez catch, one of my favorite plays of all time and this gem, though not as played up, from Lo Duca.


David Justice

One of Brian Cashman’s great early trades involved getting some more punch for a Yankees’ offense in 2000. Enter David Justice whose solo home run provided the only offense in Game 6 of the 1995 World Series, giving the Atlanta Braves their first championship. Five years later, Justice sent New York on their way to their third straight Series appearance when he took Arthur Rhodes deep in Game 6 of the ALCS. He only spent one more season with the Yankees but his legacy in Pinstripes was cemented with this blast.



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