New York Baseball Highlights May 23-May 29

Let’s start with the lowlight of the week. In Saturday’s game, between the New York Mets and Los Angeles Dodgers, Noah Syndergaard was tossed from the game in the third inning for throwing behind Met killer Chase Utley. The fact that Syndergaard was ejected without so much as a warning has to be one of the dumbest decisions ever made on a baseball field. The ball didn’t even hit Utley; a warning would have been fair. I don’t believe Syndergaard will be suspended perhaps because the powers that be will realize the sheer lunacy of the situation.

Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

On to the highlights of the Mets and New York Yankees for this past week.


Backup catchers usually do not make highlight reels. So let’s give some love to Austin Romine who delivered a key RBI double on Tuesday night to help the Yankees to their only victory this week against the Toronto Blue Jays.

Nathan Eovaldi has emerged as quite a complement to staff ace Masahiro Tanka. He has posted a 2.16 ERA over his last four starts. On Tuesday, he delivered six scoreless innings against the Blue Jays.

He hasn’t had the best of seasons, hitting a paltry .176.  But Alex Rodriguez has six home runs, including this one that came in his second game since coming of the disabled list. It helped the Yankees to emerge victorious by a score of 4-1 to halt a brief two game skid.


The Mets

Normally, I try not to include a highlight from a game that the good guys eventually lost. However, this gem by Asdrubal Cabrera could not go unnoticed. this is a play the best shortstops in the game can make.  I’m not saying Cabrera is but for this one play, he belongs with the best.

Who doesn’t want to see a piece of history. Matt Reynolds made some during Wednesday’s game against the Washington Nationals. It wasn’t anything special, just his first-ever Major League hit. He later scored in the 7th inning as the Mets took the rubber game of the three game series in Washington by a score of 2-0.

Finally, one of my favorite players of all time wins one for the Mets. Here’s to you, Curtis Granderson.

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  1. rob costal

    Someone needs to abuse chase utley and is umpire buddy. This “umpire” should be sent to a T Ball league for 5 year girls. hopefully in the next game when he on the bases one of the fans harries , insult , yells and maybe have things thrown at him so he gets the message he sucks in more ways than one and he must have ” done somebody ” and they did him a favor and brought him up to the majors.
    It is also easy to see the Baseball powers love chase so maybe he is doing some Heads of BB a favor. Maybe next time instead of only breaking the leg of another player he might kill somebody. So I guess they will just change another rule.
    Boy o Boy does MLB LOVE chase.


  2. Donna

    New York Met Baseball May 28 – Dodgers Vs. Mets – I don’t understand why Noah Syndergaard was thrown out of last nights game when pitching to Chase Uttley. Uttley who took out and injured Tejada during last years playoffs with no reprimanding of the injury he caused to Tejada. Noah didn’t even hit Uttley with the ball and he gets thrown out!! What the hell is that about??? Was this Umpire being paid off by Uttley?? Was the Umpire looking out to make a name for himself??? By the Umpire doing what he did cost the Mets a win!! This is so unfair and it’s definitely the way to play the game of baseball. Noah should have at least been given a warning…. This should definitely be looked into and the Umpire should be held accountable for making the wrong decision!!!


    • ltj41

      At the very least, the other umpires should have gotten together to at least determine if that was the right call. I wouldn’t be surprised if MLB chides this crew for allowing that to stand.


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