New York Yankees Trade Rumors: Chicago Cubs Scouting the Bullpen

The New York Yankees may be running out of time to make a decision on whether to sell or hold. With their record now back below .500 and approaching mid-June, the organization may decide that the five game winning streak may be as good as it gets. Selling valuable assets for a plethora of prospects may be a quicker way of getting back into contention instead of rebuilding on the fly. But that’s for another day. The most valuable commodities the Yanks’ have lie in their bullpen. One team keeping an eye on them is the Chicago Cubs.

Courtesy: USA Today

Courtesy: USA Today

According to George King of the New York Post (via, the Cubs have been scouting Dellin Betances, Andrew Miller and Aroldis Chapman. Their bullpen has been excellent so far this year but adding another potent arm would give manager Joe Maddon no worries late in any playoff game.  Both Chapman and Miller have playoff experience as well, with the latter having won a World Series ring with the Boston Red Sox in 2013. It may seem gluttonous for the best team in baseball to add one of the best relievers in baseball but if you are a franchise that has been titleless for a century, you would leave no stone unturned.

The return for each would vary. Chicago has one of the best farm systems in the game but I am sure Theo Epstein will be cautious about whom to part with. Chapman would stand to be the one who would bring back the least. His contract runs out at the end of the season as opposed to the other two who are still under club control. Miller’s deal is pretty team-friendly with two years and a total of $18 million dollars remaining. It wouldn’t be enough to obtain someone like Jorge Soler or Kyle Schwarber but good enough to obtain a high-level Double A prospect and perhaps a lower prospect. Betances is the most intriguing. He will be heading to arbitration for the first after the season and will be under control for three more seasons. Plus, he is the youngest of the three at age 28. Would that be enough to grab the brass ring of a Soler or Schwarber? Only Epstein and Brian Cashman know for sure.

As for trading one of the three relievers at this moment, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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