I’d like to thank Bucky Dent for making me curse for the first time. I was about four or five and though the Yankees were and are my favorite team, I decided to say words that rhymed with “Bucky”. You can imagine how that turned out.

But seriously, I bring that up because everything comes back to baseball. Baseball is great. Watching baseball, talking baseball, writing about baseball; I can’t get enough of it. So since I enjoy to write, I decided to start a blog. Not just any blog, mind you, but one about the two New York Major League teams.

I know, how can I do that? You’re only supposed to pick one team. True. The Yankees will always be my favorite. However, I know a lot of friends and family that are big Mets’ fans. I like seeing them happy. So I (kind of) root for them. That’s why I created subwaybaseball. I want to THE site on the ‘Net where you come to first to get your New York baseball fix. Whether it’s an opinion, a flashback or an update on future Mets and Yankees, I want to be your go-to-guy. Don’t stop here, though. Like Subwaybaseball on Facebook and follow on Twitter, @subwaybaseball for more baseball because you know you can’t get enough of it. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my work!

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